5 Easy Steps Towards Your Canadian Work Permit

5 Easy Steps Towards Your Canadian Work Permit

Every year thousands of workers visit the Canadian embassy to get a job in the country. For a person to work in Canada, they must require a temporary Canadian work permit by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) after securing employment from a Canadian employer. A person must complete a few steps to acquire a work permit. Depending on the country you are travelling from, the government of Canada might want the individual to have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Below-mentioned is five simple steps to get your Canadian work permit:

1.Determine if the Canadian embassy requires from you a Temporary Resident Visa or passport

You might need both the items or just one to acquire a Canada work permit. Though it may not be necessary for some employees, it is best to fill in applications for extra visas along with your passport if required.

2.You must be aware of the requirements to apply for a Canadian work permit

The Canadian work permit requirements or visa is based on the position of the jobs in the country. It is really straightforward, the application process. All you need to apply for a work permit is to submit your proof of education or work experience. Additionally, you must also present a written and signed employment offer from the employer to the Canadian embassy. If you do not require a positive labour market opinion, all you need is a document that shows your immigration status in the country. You might need to undertake a medical examination or criminal background check if required.

3.You must acquire a temporary work permit application package

This can have received the application package; you have to fill out all the details and submit the necessary paperwork required for the job you are going to do. This can be easily obtained either from the Canadian visa agency in your home country or from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. not submit the application or fill the required paperwork, your application might be delayed or cancelled.

4.Find your Canadian visa office

After all the paperwork has been filled out, the next step would be to submit it. You can either do this by post or in-person to the Canadian visa office to the individual who is in charge of processing work permit applications from your home country. Clarify with them the processing fees, then submit your application.

5.Discover how long it would take for the work permit to be processed

The processing time for work permits depends on the country you are applying from. It is imperative to identify how long it would take and ensure you submit all the necessary documents to speed up the process. Additionally, suppose any changes made to your name, living situation, address, or marital status. In that case, you must keep the authorities at the Canadian embassy aware so the process does not get delayed even further.

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