Application to Study in Canada

Application to Study in Canada

Do you dream of studying in a foreign country? While there are many countries that offer you a student visa, Canada is the best when in many ways. Apart from high-quality education and college experience, the student visa also comes with a lot of benefits such as excellent living conditions and an option to live in a beautiful country with amazing people.

Your student visa processing might take up to 15 days or more depending on your document and the pandemic situation in your country). If you have a family member working and living in Canada, the time taken to process the visa might be even less.

One of the things that makes a Canadian student visa favored by thousands is the fact that it can be renewed or extended if you wish to continue your studies or you want to change universities. The student permit will be valid till 90 days after your completion of the program. During these 90 days, you can explore the work opportunities and apply for a work permit, or if you have decided to leave, you can explore around the country without having to worry about a visit visa. There are a lot of full-time and part-time job openings available for students who study or complete their education in Canada.

What Do You Require to Qualify for a Canadian Student Visa?

You’ll need a study permit from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for you to legally study in Canada. You’ll also need to fulfill certain criteria and requirements to get your student visa. Let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria:

  • Acceptance letter from a college, university or educational institution in Canada
  • Proof of finances enough to cover your tuition, living expenses and return documents for yourself and any family members who are planning to come with you
  • A clean criminal record to prove that you are no risk to the country or their citizens
  • Medical examination and the certificate to prove you are in good health
  • You must be able to prove to the immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada after the visa period
  • IELTS test and score - If you are from a native country (any of the English-speaking country) you don’t need to worry about language proficiency.
  • You should satisfy a certain number of credits, modules and months in the program to qualify for the visa

If you are approved for the student visa, you can either go get the passport and documents back by yourself from the Canada Visa Application Center or you can ask the representative to courier it to you directly.

If you are planning to study in Canada, and need help with it, give the expert representatives at Star Immigration a call today. We will guide you through everything and help you figure out your future with clarity.

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